Ripped from turn-of-the-century headlines, Format C: is a tense and compelling apocalyptic technothriller about the final battle between Good and Evil fought against the race to fix the Millennium Bug.

The richest man on earth, Ben Hinnom, owns the world's largest computer company, based in Seattle, which sells the Windgazer 99 operating system. Hinnom uses global fears of the overwrought Y2K problem to launch the ultimate domination of mankind. The only ones standing in his way are brash, yet guilt-ridden, Chicago investigative reporter Dan Levin, his computer-savvy girlfriend, Park, and her profoundly inward teenage son, Sal, a computer genius. Sal becomes the nexus in the fight to save humanity.

Format C: takes readers from the cutthroat competition of the computer world and big media in Chicago and Washington D.C., to Jerusalem's Old City where terrorists strike. The story then travels from the caves of Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls and the mysterious Copper Scroll advance the intrigue, to the back alleyways of ancient Tsfat where Kabbalistic mysteries are unraveled. Everything finally focuses on the Valley of Death, the actual location of Biblical Hell in a cavern-filled valley outside Jerusalem's Old City known in ancient times for child immolation. It all culminates in the prophesied cataclysmic final battle between good and evil at midnight on December 31, 1999 at Har Megiddo in Israel, the site known as Armageddon.

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